about me

I am an academic (and Professor Emerita) with a life-long interest in the development of higher education people, policies, institutions and systems.  My experience comes from teaching, research and writing; the practice of leadership and governance; consultancy and organisational development; and through various contributions to policy development in the UK and internationally.  I prefer to take ‘an outside-in’ perspective on higher education, and to think, reflect and discuss my experiences and insights, and those of others, with colleagues and clients.

My specific zones of expertise in higher education include leadership and governance; quality assurance and quality enhancement; internationalisation; and private providers of higher education.  Each of these zones contribute to my wider interest in ‘borderless education and higher education futures’.  The following pages provide further detail and a sample of resources for each zone.

Ideas – new, original, re-invented and co-created – are the life-blood of higher education, generated through individual and collective creativity.  I am actively exploring ‘the creative zone’ to learn more about creativity and to gain new insights, experience and understanding.  This may have relevance to ‘higher education futures’ or lead in new directions…

If you would like to have a conversation, please email me: contactrobin@robinmiddlehurst.com