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I have been exploring leadership in higher education for more than twenty years since working as a research assistant to Professor John Adair, pioneer of ‘Action-centred Leadership’.

Is leadership in higher education special and different from leadership in other sectors? How does leadership differ from management? How do people understand leadership and learn to be leaders in research or education and across disciplines? How different is leadership in diverse cultural settings? I have pursued questions such as these as researcher and author, also working with hundreds of academic and professional leaders in identifying and developing their leadership potential (see resources).

Dr Tom Kennie (Director of Ranmore Consulting) and I co-designed and delivered the UK’s Top Management Programme for Higher Education for 15 years before taking these ideas and activities into different countries and global regions. My research on leadership in higher education and pioneering work on Leading Academics (Open University Press, 1993) laid the foundations for the creation of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

I work with colleagues in higher education to coach and mentor individual leaders and to design and deliver leadership development activities (see links).

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