A Challenging Journey

A Challenging Journey – From leadership courses to Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

This article presents the story of leadership development initiatives in the UK over three decades, from the 1980s.  It charts the pioneering work of the first Professor of Leadership Studies, Professor John Adair, creator of the Action-centred leadership model and its application to higher education leadership.  In parallel tracks of research and development of leadership in higher education, momentum was gradually built up and culminated in the establishment of a new Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in 2003.  Its aim was to support and strengthen the practice and development of leadership, management and governance in higher education.  This story has relevance for other countries and regions and the UK gained much from links with leadership development initiatives in other countries (see links below).


download : The Leadership Foundation for HE – Robin Middlehurst (2007).pdf

American Council on Education – http://www.acenet.edu/leadership/Pages/default.aspx

Malaysian Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) – https://www.highereduleaders.com/

LH Martin Institute, Australia – http://www.lhmartininstitute.edu.au/professional-development-programs/leadership-programs

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