International comparator study

International comparator study to inform the quality assessment review in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) commissioned an international comparative study of other countries’ approaches to the quality assessment of academic standards and quality in 2014-15. The findings from this research are presented in this report. The choice of countries was made by HEFCE in relation to three criteria: a focus on approaches that are risk-based, low-burden and outcomes-focused; systems that have quality assessment arrangements that could be compared with the UK and potentially applied or adopted; and the parameters of time-scale and budget for the research. The three countries examined in this study are (in order): Norway, the US, and Australia. Given the size and diversity of the US system, two regional accreditation systems were chosen as exemplars.

Published by HEFCE

Download: HEFCE – 2014_intcomparator.pdf

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