Learning Excellence

Learning Excellence – A summary analysis of 26 international case studies

In May 2015, the Higher Education Academy (HEA) commissioned a consultancy project, the aim of which was to identify and investigate international examples of ‘learning excellence and innovation’ in relation to six themes chosen by the HEA as being particularly relevant for the United Kingdom (UK). The six themes are: approaches to assessing learning; ensuring graduates are employable; international students and learning styles across cultures; recruiting new types of domestic students and the pedagogical developments required; improving student retention and attainmelearning_excellence_summary_v2nt; engagement with the community and co-development of curricula.

The focus of the research is on practical and proven innovations that seek to enhance learning and educational outcomes for students across the six themes. Each theme is a well-recognised challenge for higher education providers (HEPs) and practitioners in the UK and in many other countries. This summary is part of a two-part report and is complementary to several research studies and literature reviews on ‘teaching excellence’ that the HEA has published.

Published by the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

download: learning_excellence_summary_v2.pdf

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