The Business of Borderless Education

The Business of Borderless Education: UK Perspectives. Summary Report

This report on ‘The business of borderless education’ gives a comprehensive account of the virtual and corporate developments in learning which – along with the Internet – are sweeping the world. The report alerts UK universities and colleges to the challenge in borderless learning posed by their overseas counterparts, particularly in North America. But that challenge is also a major opportunity as the UK has a strong track record of world-leading initiatives in the use of new technologies in higher education.

One of the recommendations of the report – to establish an observatory to continue to monitor trends in borderless education – was taken up by the Association of Commonwealth Universities and Universities UK who provided initial funding to support this initiative in 2002.  The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) continues to provide a global strategic intelligence service to educational leaders and policymakers.  It is now owned by Tribal.

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