Variations on a theme

Variations on a theme: complexity and choice in a world of borderless education

The article explores examples from the UK that illustrate how institutions are positioning themselves in relation to their use of information and communications technologies(ICT) and their approaches to internationalisation within the context of “borderless education.” Four scenarios developed by Collis and Gommer are used as reference points to locate institutional strategies. The article also points to a variety of national strategies that are being developed to open new markets for higher education and create greater flexibility and choice for students, some of which may compete with strategies developed by individual institutions. The article concludes by highlighting the dilemmas facing institutional leaders and managers as they seek to position themselves in a changing world.

The article is published in:

Journal of Studies in International Education, Vol. 6 No. 2, Summer 2002 134-15

download: Middlehurst (2002) – Variations on a Theme – Complexity and Choice in a World of Borderless Education
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